CS Virtual Diploma Ceremony

CS Virtual Diploma Ceremony, Sunday June 13, 3pm PT


Stanford Computer Science regrets that we are not able to watch as you walk across the Frost Amphitheater stage while your family and friends cheer you on. We wish we could, but state and local regulations prohibit us from having an in-person ceremony. We have worked hard to give you an experience that contains as many of the same elements as possible. We have partnered with ohyay, a new browser-based video platform, to create a unique virtual ceremony experience on Sunday, July 13 at 3pm PT. The event space, custom-made for Stanford’s Computer Science department, will include:

  • a broadcast of the ceremony featuring participating graduates live on-screen, private student watch parties where students can gather with groups of their fellow graduates to watch together,

  • and a Stanford-themed afterparty, where you can hang out with your friends, chat with some of our faculty and just enjoy the moment.

Graduates attending in ohyay will be able to appear live, on-screen as their names are called, so make those signs, prepare to wave to your family and friends, dance like no one is watching, and just enjoy the moment.


  • Sunday June 13, 3pm PT, followed by an afterparty for students hosted on the ohyay platform (~4pm PT).


Students: Important Things to Do Before the ceremony:

1. Make sure your computer meets the technical requirements*

2. ***Important*** Anytime this week before Sunday at 2:30pm

  • Navigate to the ohyay site: https://ohyay.co/s/stanford-cs-2021
  • Sign in using your @stanford.edu email address/SUNetID**
    • Follow the instructions on-screen or here.
    • If you have already checked in, it’ll say, “You’re checked in” and give your number placement (out of 631+ graduates).
    • If you are not checked in, you will be instructed to click on a button that automatically assigns you the right tag.
    • If, for some reason, you are not on our list, it will notify us and we’ll be in touch.
    • This ensures that ohyay recognizes you and tags you correctly, so you go live on-screen at the right time.

3. 30 minutes before the ceremony (6/13,2:30pm,PDT): Return to the site for a camera check to ensure that your camera is working properly.

4. Ceremony (3pmPTon6/13): Navigate to the ceremony room when it appears in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Follow the instructions to create a private watch party room and invite your friends (fellow grads) to it by clicking on them in the list of attendees or sending them the URL.

5. Backstage (6/13): When you are 10 people away from having your name called, you’ll be automatically pulled backstage. Please turn on your camera and consult with the ohyay staff member for a second camera and tech check.

6. When It’s Your Turn: You’ll appear live on-screen as your name is read. Flash that sign thanking the people who have supported you; wave to all your family and friends; or dance like no one is watching. Just have fun and enjoy the moment. You will then be returned to the room you were originally in.

7. Afterparty (~4:30pm,6/13): After the ceremony is over, click on “Reception” in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Mingle with faculty members and other students in Stanford-themed rooms.

  • For those who just want to join the afterparty, the link is https://ohyay.co/s/stanford-cs-reception
  • Unfortunately, University regulations prohibit us from allowing non-Stanford friends and family from logging in to the afterparty. Anyone who is watching with you in your home is welcome to attend with you.

For Family and Friends

Family and friends can watch the live ceremony on YouTube https://youtu.be/mbTVc6X052I You can watch using any computer and browser.

In addition, friends and family will be able to actively participate by virtually clapping and cheering using ohyay’s technology. Simply click the link listed in the YouTube Description, leave the little window open and use the space bar to clap and cheer. Your applause and cheering will scroll up the screen and the more people clap and cheer, the louder and larger the reaction will be.

Helpful Links:

For Information about the main in-person Stanford University Commencement Celebration. Please go Here.

For further details and to check for updates about the Computer Science Ceremony, go to Here.


Q: When is the Stanford CS virtual commencement?
A: Sunday, June 13. The ceremony will begin at 3pm PT and will last approximately 90 minutes. A virtual afterparty for Stanford Grads will immediately follow. Please note that only those with valid SUNet IDs will be able to attend the afterparty.

Q: How will the virtual commencement complement the in-person commencement?
A: The in-person ceremony is the University-wide celebration. Unfortunately, due to state and local regulations, we are unable to host an in-person diploma ceremony.

Q: I’m a parent. How do I watch the virtual commencement?
A: Parents will watch the commencement on YouTube here: Stanford Computer Science Class of '21. Unfortunately, due to security concerns, the University requires that only people with current SUNet IDs & @stanford.edu email addresses are permitted to enter the ohyay space.

Q: How many friends can I invite to my watch party?
A: You can invite up to 15 friends to your private watch party. Keep in mind that only people with Stanford.edu email addresses will be permitted to enter your room.

Q: Can I watch the commencement on my phone or tablet?
A: Friends and family will watch on YouTube, so any platform should work. For Students using Ohyay, we recommend that you watch the commencement on a desktop computer for best results. And use the following browsers: Chrome 74+, Firefox 60+, or Safari 12+ Ohyay is still improving their mobile experience.

Q: What do I do if I experience technical difficulties?
A: (For Students) Click on the “?” icon on the top right of your screen to send a help message to team ohyay, email team@ohyay.co, or follow the steps in our troubleshooting guide.
A: (For Family and Friends) If you having trouble viewing the Livestream on YouTube, try refreshing your screen or closing the window and starting again.

Q: What is ohyay and why are we hosting our virtual commencement on it?
ohyay is a new browser-based video chat platform. Over the past year, the Computer Science Department has had extensive experience with the platform. Stanford’s Project Expo, Code in Place program, and a few CS + HCI classes were hosted on ohyay.

*Technical Requirements

  • A Mac or PC with:
    • A dual-core i5 processor (or equivalent) and at least 8GB of RAM
    • A webcam
    • A microphone
  • Either Chrome 74+, Firefox 60+, or Safari 12+
  • Recommended: Headphones

**Graduates from last summer, fall or this winter who no longer have a valid @stanford.edu email address should log in using the address where they received this email.